Children’s Entrées

All children’s’ entrées are served with your choice of organic carrot sticks, organic apple sauce or a fruit cup and choice of organic milk (whole, skim or soy), organic orange juice or organic apple juice.

SB & J • $4.95  GFF-16-px  Carrots-16-px
Sunflower seed butter, organic grape jam and marshmallow fluff, on whole wheat bread, with the crusts trimmed.

Chicken Strips • $4.95
Baked natural chicken strips.

Cheese Quesadilla • $4.95  GFF-16-px  Carrots-16-px
Mild cheddar cheese on a whole wheat organic wrap, lightly toasted with black beans added at your request.

Pasta and Sauce • $4.95  GFF-16-px  Carrots-16-px
Whole grain pasta topped with your choice of our child’s spaghetti sauce or butter.

Mac & Cheese • $4.95  GFF-16-px  Carrots-16-px
Made from scratch with whole grain pasta.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich • $4.95  GFF-16-px  Carrots-16-px
Classic grilled cheese with American cheese and whole grain bread.


GFF-16-px Gluten Free Option Available

Carrots-16-px Vegetarian / Vegetarian Option Available

Vegan-16-px Vegan

Blue-Dragonfly-16-pxYou Pick Two Option